The Pillars of Eric’s Plan

Economic Security

Eric Jon Boerner's Economic Policy Plan aims to address key issues faced by the United States using conservative principles and free-market solutions. His plan focuses on internet rights, inflation reduction, housing and job growth, energy security, business development, and trade agreements while promoting fiscal responsibility.

National Security

Eric Jon Boerner's National Security Stance emphasizes diplomatic engagement, economic development, and compassionate solutions to address border security, immigration, homelessness, drug crisis, armed services, and veteran care.

Government Regulation

Eric Jon Boerner's Government Regulation policy strives for a secure, and prosperous nation. It reforms federal law, increases law enforcement, combats cybercrime, streamlines healthcare, simplifies taxes, and promotes uniform voting systems. All of this is meant to guarantee a safe nation and provide citizens with the tools to play an active role in their economic and political futures.

Education Reform

Eric Jon Boerner's Education Reform prioritizes supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums, and equalizing opportunities for students. He strongly advocates for charter schools as a means to create a diverse and inclusive educational system, empowering future generations and contributing to the nation's growth and success.