The Boerner Administration is committed to leading such an initiative by proposing an integrated plan that outlines stronger mechanisms to combat corruption effectively. Thus keeping government offices accountable and bolstering transparency by promoting ethical standards of conduct across all government sectors equally.

Strategic Elements:

  • Inter-Agency Coordination Committee Against Corruption (ICAC)
  • Strengthened Whistleblower Protections
  • Regulations Over Lobbyist Influence & Revolving Doors
  • International Anti-Corruption Cooperation
  • Investigation & Prosecution Framework Enhancement
  • Public Awareness Campaigns & Education Programs
  • Recommitment To Their Oath Of Office

Inter-Agency Coordination Committee Against Corruption (ICAC)

To coordinate efforts against corruption nationally, we propose the establishment of an Inter-Agency Coordination Committee Against Corruption (ICAC). It would be composed of representatives from federal agencies including the Office of Inspector General, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Defense, and the Office of Ethics. These experts will field legal reforms to combat systemic fraud within the federal government. They will identify systemic partisanship within public service, and drive targeted actions to reduce bribery, blackmail, and political grifts. They will be fundamentally responsible for scrutinizing potential corrupt practices within governmental departments regarding corporate lobbying.


Strengthened Whistleblower Protections

Robust protections for whistleblowers help maintain integrity throughout our institutions. These brave individuals deserve formal assurance that their rights are upheld when stepping forward to reveal illegal activity or unethical conduct. Increasing whistleblower protection further reinforces the ultimate goal of achieving a transparent and accountable government. Guidelines to differentiate between divulging national secrets and exposing corrupt government practices will be introduced. We would include introducing legislation to safeguard job security and work reputation for any individual disclosing acts of misconduct.

Regulations Over Lobbyist Influence & Revolving Doors

Lobbyists play a vital role in democracy by  connecting politicians and corporate interests representing their constituents. However, unchecked influence lobbying may birth corrupt exchanges between political representatives and corporate leaders. Regulations preventing undue influence are therefore paramount. 

Furthermore, there is a revolving door between political lobbyists, federal employment, and politicians themselves. Experienced officials leave public service to become lobbyists, where they can exploit their connections inside the federal government for the political class. Legislation must be created to address a mandatory cooling-off period when leaving a political or federal office, before joining a lobbying firm. This would ensure government policies are made in the interest of the American people independent of lobbyists’ influence.

International Anti-Corruption Cooperation

Promoting cross-border collaboration against corruption, Boerner’s approach aligns with conservative principles of security and effective foreign relations. Developing global partnerships to combat international corruption networks not only renders our homeland safer, but also facilitates prosperous relationships abroad based on transparency and honesty. Sharing best practices for oversight mechanisms enhances the effectiveness of counter-corruption efforts worldwide.


Investigation & Prosecution Framework Enhancement

Upgrading capabilities to investigate high-level bribery cases is essential in this fight against corruption. This may include providing specialized training programs for prosecutors assigned complex white-collar crime investigations, as well as ensuring they have access to adequate resources to effectively execute their mandates. Legal processes should be revised to expedite witness protection, evidence collection, and securing privacy rights for individuals submitting compelling evidence of corruption within the government.

Public Awareness Campaigns & Education Programs

One cannot overemphasize the important role civil society plays curbing corruption. The Boerner administration will launch nationwide campaigns to increase awareness of the impacts corruption has on the everyday lives of ordinary citizens; highlighting ways people can actively participate in reporting incidents. These education public mobilization efforts will bolster accountability and integrity on an individual level within the government body.

Recommitment To Their Oath Of Office

As part of a commitment to instilling integrity and accountability, the Boerner administration proposes that all federal employees pledge an oath of office upon employment - a vow to uphold the Constitution and dutifully serve their fellow citizens. This annual renewal of a solemn promise will not only be symbolic, but practical in its effect. By explicitly committing themselves to protect the principles outlined in the Constitution, those serving public offices are reminded constantly about their higher duty – a focal responsibility toward the American people that is envisioned as being beyond mere contractual obligations.

Creating such an inclusive oath-taking process transcends traditional ceremony by empowering each individual within various governmental layers: from senior policymakers down to field officers. Beyond simply carrying out assigned tasks, these constitutional guards portray civil service under its true light — a nobility that defends cherished liberties while fiercely upholding justice for all Americans.



Combating corruption involves an unwavering commitment to the principles of transparency, accountability and integrity. As we strengthen protective laws legislation, build stronger integrity within public institutions, and drive economic prosperity grounded in fair competition, we simultaneously challenge corrupt practices that impede American innovation.

The Boerner Administration remains dedicated to these efforts with a focus on conservative values at its core, leveraging a smaller yet efficient government as well as individual liberty. It’s time we restore faith between the people and their governance by ensuring that public office is held by those committed to serve rather than gain from their public office.

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