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Born in Sacramento, but raised in San Diego, Eric’s life was impacted and influenced by war and service.  Eric’s dad failed to come home from Vietnam.

Eric’s grandfather, a career Navy Seabee Engineer was a great influence on his life.  Every day grandfather Boerner would raise and lower the national flag with great care.  This demonstrated the love and respect for the country that shaped Eric’s worldview.

His mom was a hard working psychiatric nurse.  Eric was able to witness kindness in the treatment of others affected by trauma. Her dedication taught him invaluable empathy lessons for life.

Eric Jon Boerner - An Oath to Service Image

An Oath to Service

Eric was the tip of the spear in Iraq with Operation Provide Comfort designing forward operating bases and Kurdish refugee camps.

The Office of Inspector General used Eric’s highly technical skills to investigate cyber espionage within the Department of Commerce.  He’s a proven corruption crime fighter!

With a broad highly technical skill set, Eric was in high demand from multiple line offices within the Federal Government.  He may have been here, but he was needed over there, Eric was always willing to serve everywhere.

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A Modern President

Eric is a dedicated tech visionary whose commitment to innovation has significantly contributed to the landscape of modern technology in America.

He has been on the cutting edge of high-tech innovations for 30 years.

Eric developed the original Google search algorithm with his partner at  His novel approach to spatial mapping data set integration (GIS) is used in our online mapping tools we all use today.  Eric’s skill carried forward into the modern age as he was an original OpenAI Alpha tester.

With a passion for finding solutions to problems with the most cost effective means, Eric has overhauled Government programs from bloated budgets slimmed down with modern technical efficiencies.  These skills will come to the White House, should he be elected.

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A New Future for America

America is on the cusp of a new energy revolution, and Eric promises to end the Green New Deal in favor of a New Red Deal.

A Fusion Future is coming to America that will propel the United States into the position of a Global Hyper Power.

By collaborating with scientists, engineers, and industry leaders, Eric is committed to transforming the nation’s energy sector while ensuring economic growth for generations to come.

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